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Nearly every component processed at aScribe is used in optical, telecom, semiconductor, and medical product assemblies. Our customers continually present us with a diverse range of challenges and requirements, including small and mixed batch size orders, quick-turn prototyping, precision tolerances, and unique surface coatings.

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Our aScribe laser marking process is designed to help manufacturers improve the appearance and functionality of their components and products. With a rich history in laser marking and engraving, our technicians’ expert skill level and advanced laser technology allows us to work with a variety of industries on highly detailed projects.

Part traceability, company branding, and unique identifiers are all specialty capabilities provided by the aScribe laser marking process. We also utilize various measuring tools and inspection equipment on each project. Our specialists work with a multitude of materials and ensure every laser marking job meets FDA and FFL compliance.

laser marking material experience:

• Aluminum (Anodized Type II & Type III)
• Brass (Plain & lacquer coated)
• Bronze
• Ceramics (Plated & coated; IC chips)
• Copper
• Optical Glass Elements
• Plastics
• Stainless and Surgical Steels
• Titanium
• Tool Steels


The industries we serve include Defense and Military, Photonics and Optics, Precision Machining, and Communications. Our high quality laser marking capabilities are reinforced with our Nd:YAG laser sources, Integrated CAD/CAM, and 50 micron beam resolution technology, allowing us to better serve customers and their needs.